Our History

Dr. Sarah Kemble had a vision; a vision of providing quality healthcare to children, adults, and families in rural Franklin County regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. In 1997, Dr. Kemble’s vision became a reality when the Community Health Center of Franklin County (a federally qualified community health center) opened its doors in Turners Fall and began providing medical care to all residents of Franklin County. Today, the health center provides comprehensive medical, dental and behavioral care services at multiple locations in Franklin County including one in downtown Greenfield and another in Orange.

We are a private nonprofit agency overseen by a community Board of Directors. At least 51% of our Board of Directors must be patients of the health center.

We have continued to grow over the years to better serve our patients. We offer the following services - medical, dental, behavioral health, office-based addition treatment, sexual and reproductive health services, diabetes education, community outreach, transportation, and more!

Who We Serve

The Community Health Center of Franklin County serves everyone. Our practitioners can provide care for everyone in your family, from babies to elders. Most of our patients live in Franklin County or the North Quabbin and we try to meet the needs of each patient by participating in numerous commercial insurance plans including Medicare, Commonwealth Care and MassHealth. We also offer a sliding fee scale program for people without insurance.

Our Community Values


Community Engagement and Collaboration

Reaching out to patients and partner organizations to align all efforts with changing needs. We involve all those who will be impacted in decisions and we participate in initiatives that improve health outcomes in the communities we serve.


Being responsible to our patients, staff, community partners, and funders by working honestly and transparently.


 Using trauma-informed, evidence-based approaches to achieve the best possible outcomes and experiences, and to continually improve care for individuals as well as the community as a whole.

Healthcare Equity

 Reducing health disparities through provision of high-quality, individualized, and evidence-based care. Continuously striving to center those furthest from justice and to combat our own contributions to these inequities, understanding that we ourselves are operating within unjust systems.

Cultural responsiveness

We value diversity and seek to cultivate environments where everyone is welcome, accounting for people’s multiple intersecting identities and the impacts they may have on a person’s access to power and ability to advocate for themselves. Our commitment to this begins with compassion and is advanced through continuous and active learning.